I MN Fishing is still in its infant stages. A brain child of Evan Pheneger. He had the idea that he could make his passion for fishing and love of people into a company that would benefit fisherman and fisherwomen in anyway and through any media possible. However, he couldn’t have taken the steps into this without the support and advice of many including his amazing wife, family, friends, and last but not least, I MN Fishing’s Pro Staff.

How exactly I MN Fishing plans to educate, promote, and inspire fisherman in our state and states around the US is still yet to be solidified. It will include social media, educational and humorous (hopefully) videos, networking resources, blogs/articles and maybe a future in guiding or a start up of an outdoors/fishing store/shop. We will do our best to morph into what is best for fisherman and fisherwomen!!!

We are committed to bringing splashes and smiles to all across the land of 10000 lakes!



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