Dan “Lenny” Walker

Dan "Lenny" WalkerDan Walker –  Dan moved to the Park Rapids Lakes Area in 2008 to pursue a “day job” and fell in love with the area and has been there ever since. He is a true fishing geek; constantly scouring lake maps, DNR surveys, pestering Fisheries Staff across the State, and reading any fishing publication he can get his hands on to learn new techniques, refine old ones, and seek out that next great bite.  Dan is a 4 season angler and dreads the few weeks between soft and hard water seasons each spring and fall where you will find me in my basement obsessively cleaning and reorganizing my gear in anticipation!  He is also a multi species angler and find joy in all fish species…except rock bass!!!  Dan generally pursues the most eager biters (depending on the season) but he usually reserves Sundays strictly for his multi-species indulgences.   His angling goal for 2014 is the elusive 10 species day, a true feather in any serious anglers cap!  Angling is Dan’s passion and he works hard in his pursuit, but also has a lot of fun doing it.  Dan mainly fishes in the Park Rapids Area but can often be found across a swath of northern MN from Becker to Itasca County.  He can also be found in the Glenwood Area (his hometown) and  on Leech Lake.  Dan is excited to be a part of the I MN FISHING team and looks forward to providing fishing reports, promoting the vast fishing opportunities we have here, and sharing great angling experiences!


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