Joe Nguyen

Joe Nguyen I MN FishingJoe Nguyen – Joe has a love for fishing! His fishing experience starts from when he was a kid watching Bill Dance every Sunday morning before church. Joe also hails from the metro area of MN. He took what he learned and applied it to the open water. Even though he has fished for over 20 years he is always looking for a new way to catch a lake giant. His favorite lake to fish is Lake Minnetonka searching for that lunker bass! Even though he has caught many 5lb to 6lb bass out of the lake, he wants one that’s bigger! His favorite fish is the Largemouth Bass but is no stranger to catching all other species as well. The best fishing memory that he shares is fishing with a buddy of his on Upper Red Lake during the ice out early spring. It wasn’t really fishing for him… It was CATCHING! He caught over a hundred walleyes and only in a few hours. Joe wants to contribute what he knows and teach the youth on how to fish. Joe has many nieces and nephews and they always love to get to go fishing with Uncle Joe whenever they can!

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