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Evan Pheneger I MN FishingEvan Pheneger  – Host and creator of I MN Fishing. Evan has been fishing since he was old enough to hold a snoopy pole. From there it was riding his bike to lakes to fish as a kid. As a youngster it was a treat for him when he got to go out in someones boat or out to someones ice shack. These fond memories Evan had now inspire him to pass the same memories to fisherman of all ages. Evan’s real job is as a design engineer and he loves his job, but fishing is always in the back of his mind. He is always looking for ways to learn something new or do something a better way. Evan’s true love is ice fishing, and though he is still recent to the sport (starting ice fishing in 2008), he can’t get enough of it! In the past Evan has fishing a Saturday morning Bass tourney circuit with Grant Groettum called B-dawgin Bass Series through Twin City Fishing. They were fortunate enough to take home their first victory on Lake Minnetonka in 2012. He has also fished in the UPL (Ultimate Panfish League)! Evan loves being a mutli-specie angler and keeping all you fishers informed on his catches, tactics, and hot spots! For reports and articles from Evan click HERE

Shawn Gallery I MN Fishing Shawn Gallery – Shawn is our big water guru. He is an outdoor enthusiast enjoying hunting, but most of all fishing. His favorite lakes to fish include Mille Lacs, followed closely by Lake of the Woods. 5 years ago Shawn moved to the Mille Lacs area in pursuit of great walleye and perch fishing. He also made it his goal to someday open a guide service on Mille Lacs. This dream is coming true starting next year, Shawn will be opening his own guide service, “Walleye addiction guide service.” He will be specializing in mid season power corking, fall trolling, and early and late ice season jumbo perch fishing. These techniques for finding fish are some of Shawn’s favorites and what he does best. For reports and articles from Shawn click HERE




Jon Driscol I MN FishingJon Driscoll – Another one of our expert ice fisherman. Jon (JD) loves ice fishing, especially the long weekend trips to Mille Lacs Lake, Red Lake, and Lake of the Woods. Around I MN Fishing, he is known as  “The Hard Water Specialist.” JD’s knowledge of fishing goes beyond just the surface level. JD loves the sport to the point where he will drop anything (well maybe beside bird hunting) to go on a fishing trip or outing. JD looks forward to “perchin” on Mille Lacs Lake this year as soon and it can be walked on!




Liz Henderson I MN FishingLiz Henderson – Liz works in fishing. Literally. As the General Manager of the Wigwam Resort, she is immersed in fishing, fishing talk, fish tales, and fish scales every day. She is in the process of getting her captain’s license and hopes to be guiding a bit next summer. Growing up on Lake of the Woods, Liz has been fishing her entire life (from the womb to the fish house!). Her dad set the stage for a life-long love affair with fishing from the time she was a toddler with a Snoopy pole in her hands. Lake of the Woods is her home base, but she has enjoyed a lot of fishing time on other area lakes as well. Her goals this year are to beat her personal best walleye of 28.5″, and sturgeon of 58″. Her two boys are the light of her life, and the fact that her oldest already loves fishing as much as she does, makes it all the better. (The youngest still wants to chew on the fishing pole…) She looks forward to bringing you up to the minute fishing, and ice reports from Lake of the Woods! For reports and articles from Liz click HERE

Dan Boche I MN Fishing Dan Boche – Dan has been fishing since he was old enough to walk. When he was young he could sit on a dock and catch sunnies until the sun went down. Now he has a love for bass anywhere and anytime. Dan is I MN Fishing’s bass guru and fishes in quite a few Bass leagues throughout the summer. Look for tips and tricks from Dan in the form of articles, reports, and videos to come in the near future! Dan fishes out of a Ranger 391 with a 200 Evinrude, and in the past has fished as a co-angular on the BASS tournament series. Although a bass man at heart, Dan will chase anything with fins before the bass season opens. During the winter Dan likes to catch any fish that tastes good in the fryer. He mainly ice fishes for crappies and perch but likes getting on the walleyes to.






Dan "Lenny" WalkerDan “Lenny” Walker – Dan moved to the Park Rapids Lakes Area in 2008 to pursue a “day job” and fell in love with the area and has been there ever since. He is a true fishing geek; constantly scouring lake maps, DNR surveys, pestering Fisheries Staff across the State, and reading any fishing publication he can get his hands on to learn new techniques, refine old ones, and seek out that next great bite.  Dan is a 4 season angler and dreads the few weeks between soft and hard water seasons each spring and fall where you will find me in my basement obsessively cleaning and reorganizing my gear in anticipation!  He is also a multi species angler and find joy in all fish species…except rock bass!!!  Dan generally pursues the most eager biters (depending on the season) but he usually reserves Sundays strictly for his multi-species indulgences.   His angling goal for 2014 is the elusive 10 species day, a true feather in any serious anglers cap!  Angling is Dan’s passion and he works hard in his pursuit, but also has a lot of fun doing it.  Dan mainly fishes in the Park Rapids Area but can often be found across a swath of northern MN from Becker to Itasca County.  He can also be found in the Glenwood Area (his hometown) and  on Leech Lake.  Dan is excited to be a part of the I MN FISHING team and looks forward to providing fishing reports, promoting the vast fishing opportunities we have here, and sharing great angling experiences! For reports and articles from Lenny click HERE

Joe Nguyen I MN FishingJoe Nguyen – Joe has a love for fishing! His fishing experience starts from when he was a kid watching Bill Dance every Sunday morning before church. Joe also hails from the metro area of MN. He took what he learned and applied it to the open water. Even though he has fished for over 20 years he is always looking for a new way to catch a lake giant. His favorite lake to fish is Lake Minnetonka searching for that lunker bass! Even though he has caught many 5lb to 6lb bass out of the lake, he wants one that’s bigger! His favorite fish is the Largemouth Bass but is no stranger to catching all other species as well. The best fishing memory that he shares is fishing with a buddy of his on Upper Red Lake during the ice out early spring. It wasn’t really fishing for him… It was CATCHING! He caught over a hundred walleyes and only in a few hours. Joe wants to contribute what he knows and teach the youth on how to fish. Joe has many nieces and nephews and they always love to get to go fishing with Uncle Joe whenever they can!


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